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Spatial Touch™
Spatial Touch™

Spatial Touch™

v1.1.3 by VTouch

Control your tablet or smartphone without touching the screen! Spatial Touch™ is an AI-based hand gesture remote controller that allows you to control media apps from a distance without touching the s

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الاسم Spatial Touch™
الناشر VTouch
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Spatial Touch™ is the most famous version in the Spatial Touch™ series of publisher VTouch
Mod Version 1.1.3
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Control your tablet or smartphone without touching the screen! Spatial Touch™ is an AI-based hand gesture remote controller that allows you to control media apps from a distance without touching the screen. You can control YouTube, Shorts, Netflix, Disney Plus, Instagram, Reels, Tiktok and more apps are being added.

When you're leaned back watching a video with your device on the table, when your hands are wet from doing dishes, or when you eat and you don’t want to touch the screen, Spatial Touch™ lets you easily control your devices in any of these cases. Download and experience the innovation of Spatial Touch™.

– App Name: Spatial Touch™

– App Features and Benefits:
1. Air Gestures: Control media playback, pause, volume adjustment, navigation, scrolling, and more using air gestures without touching the screen.

2. Remote Control: You can control your device from a distance of up to 2 meters, and it works perfectly in various environment and postures.

3. State of the art gesture recognition: Minimized false gesture detections with a variety of hand filters. You can lower the filter for easier use or set stronger filter for more stable performance.

4. Background Auto-Start: After installing the app, there's no need to start it separately. When you launch supported apps such as YouTube or Netflix, Spatial Touch™ will automatically be activated and run in the background.

5. Strong Security: While Spatial Touch™ runs with camera, it does not store or transmit any images or videos to the outside of the device. All processing are done in your device. The camera is only activated when the supported apps are running and automatically disabled when the app is not in use.

– Apps Supported:
Major video and music streaming services and social medias. More apps will be added in the near future.
1. Short Forms – Youtube Shorts, Reels, Tiktok

2. Video Streaming Services – YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Coupang Play

3. Music Streaming Services – Spotify, Youtube music, Tidal

4. Social Media: Instagram Feed, Instagram story

– Key Functions:
1. Tap: Play/pause video, skip ads (YouTube), skip opening (Netflix), next video(Shorts, Reels, Tiktok), etcs.

2. Drag Left/Right: Video navigation (Fast Forward/Rewind)

3. Drag Up/Down: Adjust Volume

4. Two Finger Tap: Toggle full-screen mode on/off (YouTube), Previous video(Shorts, Reels, Tiktok)

5. Two Finger Left/Right: Scroll Left/Right, Go to the Previous/Next video

6. Two Finger Up/Down: Scroll Down/Up

7. Pointer(Pro version): Activate a cursor and able to click any buttons on the screen

– Minimum System Requirements
1. Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series or newer is recommended.

2. RAM: 4GB or more is recommended

3. Operating System: Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher

4. Camera: Minimum 720p resolution, 1080p or higher is recommended
* Please note that these are general guidelines, and the actual performance can vary depends on the devices.

– App Permissions Information: To provide the service, the app requires the following permissions
1. Camera: for user gesture recognition (enabled only during app usage)

2. Notification Settings: For app updates and operational status notifications

3. Accessibility Control Permission: for application control and screen clicks
=> Settings-Accessibility-Installed Apps–Allow Spatial Touch™

We welcome any suggestions to improve your experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact at [email protected]



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Spatial Touch™

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Spatial Touch™
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